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Every purchase of this GOLIVE sitters package includes the rental of 1 GOLIVE SET + 30 mins live coaching by our photographer who will guide you to do your very own professional photoshoot session. Each set comes with the accompanying fillers, a prop to put baby on or a backdrop for that complete look.


GOLIVE CRAFT SET: A handmade eggshell with accompanying basket fillers, fur rug and little chicks

GOLIVE RAW SET: Backdrop cloth, accompanying swaddle-like cloth

GOLIVE WAGON SET: Wagon with accompanying cloths for your child's comfort 


Do note that $260 includes the cost of a $100 refundable deposit. 

'GOLIVE' Sitters Package for babies

GOLIVE Sitters Sets
  • This GOLIVE package is non-refundable and non-transferable. The $100 refundable deposit will be refunded when the sets are returned to us without any damage.

  • Please book 1 week in advance for us to prepare and ship over the set items, before your live coaching session commence. We will arrange a time to deliver and pick it up from you 48 hours before and after the live coaching session happens.

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