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A peek behind the scenes

Newborn Photography with baby's char siew craving

If you’ve seen our latest Instagram post and wondered how on earth we managed to find such a small 烧腊店 as a newborn prop, look no further! We are spilling the beans on how we made it in this very post! For those who are feeling crafty, try this out with your little ones if you’ve got 2 afternoons to spare. We will love to see your versions of other mini local hawker stalls that you’ve created together with the kiddos!

Tools needed to make the char siew shop

Ingredients to make the char siew:

1. Newspaper

2. Toilet paper

3. Cup of starch

4. Modpodge (Matt)

5. Acrylic paint (mix the red, black and yellow)

6. Modpodge (Gloss for the finishing touch)

7. Lots of patience


a) Roll and twist a bundle of newspaper together. Apply starch and start creating your paper mache by layering pieces of toilet paper on it.

b) Leave to dry and continue layering until there’s no traces of the newspaper.

c) Color with an underlying coat of mixed colors(approx 80% red+18%yellow+2%black), and leave to dry.

d) Add shades of black to simulate the charred area of a char siew.

e) Finish up with a layer of gloss modpodge for a glazed finish.

Ingredients to make the char siew stall:

1. Two a4 copier box

2. One silver foil wrapper

3. One white foam board

4. Pen knife, cutting mat and tape

5. Metal rod

6. Metal wire

7. Mini tungsten bulbs (we bought this)


a) Stick two A4 copier box together using tape.

b) Cut vertical strips of foam board and insert it into the box to provide structure for the char siew stall.

c) Wrap the 2 boxes carefully with the silver foil wrapper.

d) To make the stall display, cut out a window from the cover of the 2 A4 copier box and join it together with tape.

e) Reinforce the sides with foam boards that are cut to size.

e) Wrap the silver foil wrapper around it.

f) Drill slightly into the sides of the stall display, and glue the insides with glue gun (Blue Tack should work too) before inserting the metal rod.

g) Coil the tungsten bulbs around the metal rod and connect it to a power source if you want it lighted up.

h) Use a metal wire to create loops and poke it into the char siew, to hang these on the metal rods.

i) Place the stall front display(h) above the 2 boxes(c) and tape it down.

j) Print out the sign board with the name of the shop or if you're keen to test your patience like us, you can paper cut out the name and stick it on a white piece of foam board.

k) Attach the signboard onto (h).

l) Decorate the store with the toys your kids use to play masak masak with.

Paper cutting

Have fun trying this out folks! ◡̈

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