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What to expect for a newborn photoshoot

If you are a new parent who is thinking of arranging for a newborn photography session, but don't know what to expect, read on to learn more...


(Best time for newborn photography - Below 14 days )

1. Arrange a time with your photographer when your newborn is the least fussy. The ideal time will be to arrange right after baby is well fed, and happily drunk with milk. (For newborn shoots, we'd need them to be asleep, or really calm to get the best shots. )

Newborn photography
A 10 day old calm newborn with great grandma's hands

2. If you are doing a home shoot, it is best to choose a time when day light is optimal in your house. This allows the photographer to leverage on the natural light that is streaming in, for a more natural look and feel in your photos.

3. Set aside 3-4 hours for the actual photoshoot session, as the photographer will likely have to work around the baby's preferences and to accommodate a second feed during the session. Depending on baby's mood and how easy-going they are in fulfilling the various poses, the photographer may be able to achieve around 6 or more sets (including family photos) during this time frame.


Style and Preferences

1. As a newborn is only really tiny at this stage, there are plenty of options to choose from, in terms of poses and props, to remember them as this tiny amazing miracle. We do however recommend for you to choose a photographer who have experience handling and posing newborns as they know best what can or can't be done.

Newborn Poses
Poses like this can only be done during the newborn stage

2. If there's anything that you've seen online that you really like, on top of your photographer's work, do communicate that as it'll give the photographer a better idea of the kind of style you'd prefer. For us, we choose to edit with a more natural feel (keeping true to the original colours that the photos were taken in) in the post-editing stage, as we feel that this look is real and timeless.

3. You can also check in with your photographer about the recommended clothes to wear for your family shoot. We'd advise our clients to wear matching colours and to avoid large messy prints.


Preparing for a newborn shoot

1. If you are doing a home shoot with us, we'd require you to send some photos of your home to us and we will converse with you to understand your stories a little better. This gives us a better idea of what and where we can shoot, and the complementing cloths and props we can bring along.

2. Prior to the shoot, it is also recommended to give the items that you'd want to include in the shoot a quick wash, so that it'll be clean for the actual shoot.

3. Lastly, get a good rest the night before and enjoy the session on the actual day. :)

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