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The Dreamers Farm Approach - The why behind our custom approach for newborn photography

Updated: May 9, 2019

Having worked with families and children for more than a decade, we've always been passionate about searching for answers on what makes meaningful photos for families? Dreamers Farm Photography was built on this dream: We want our photos to connect families and tell their stories in their own homes.

Stories connect people. Stories told about our own family help us understand how we have become who we are. Over the past few years, we intentionally deviated from the mass market approach of taking newborn photos with beautiful props that have been used with many other babies. Instead, we constantly experimented with customising our own props and incorporating elements from the homes of various families, to tell their unique stories. (e.g. how mom and dad met, what they do, cravings mom had during pregnancy, dad's favourite childhood snacks and even the parents aspiration for their child)

We hope that our photos will help future generations learn more about their parents/grandparents/great grandparents and start interesting conversations about their family and their culture.

customised newborn photography
A parent's aspiration for their child

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